Fair Colors

  Another weekend, another Van Gogh’s painting on my laptop and a canvas in front of me.   This time the experience was unique as I understood Van Gogh’s selection of color.   The colors essentially leave a pleasant foot print on your mind. Going through the painting sort of took me to slight ecstasy. … More Fair Colors

Parallel Worlds

Boom in scientific technology has brought humanity to what I call the era of parallel worlds. It remained as a science fiction for very long, fascinating us of how it would be. Think of all the movies and stories of future, the time travel, UFOs and the aliens. Well, we are finally into all that. … More Parallel Worlds


Be foolishly in love, because love is all there is- Rumi Getting a grip over the situation was easy and swift, however convincing my heart over it was the difficult part. Obsession is a cruel thing you see. It perpetuates a war between mind and heart. Figuring out the indifference and consistent turn-offs by you … More Respite

Night Sky 

Surrounded by all the negativity of failures and losses, and clouds of fear overcasting the morning of a long weekend. Was it going to be a dreadful holiday? I guess not, when I decided to direct all the forces of terrible storm within me to make something productive! Paint on a canvas was what my … More Night Sky 


Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, scratching my legs soared by mosquito bites after siting for hours by the bushes, thinking hard what I could do to. I am a person, a living being who is someones hero, someones inspiration, someones fantasy and maybe someones deep desire too. And yet to you … More Apathy