Parallel Worlds

Boom in scientific technology has brought humanity to what I call the era of parallel worlds. It remained as a science fiction for very long, fascinating us of how it would be. Think of all the movies and stories of future, the time travel, UFOs and the aliens. Well, we are finally into all that. Future is here, UFOs are here and so are the aliens. To your utmost surprise let me break it to you as well that not only the aliens are here but they have taken over our planet too. Just look in the mirror and you will see one. And now look at the pictures below.

index index1index2 poverty

Look at them, these are the people of earth, its inhabitants. And to them we are the aliens. We are the invaders who have taken over their planet. We are the perpetually discontented animals who just cannot have enough. We are the species of  smart phones culture. Facebooking, tweeting and instagramming. We have taken the living experience to a whole new level. We are so far ahead of them, so much better, well  educated and aware.  Of-course they won’t be able to comprehend our values and morals, because they live in ancient parallel world. What do they understand how lovely it is to post a glamorous new picture on our accounts and the wait for praising comments and likes. What do they understand how important it is to have the latest iphone, I mean think of the embarrassment and shame if any of my friends had a better one. These shitty people sit together and share their lives in practical, how absurd and out fashioned. What do they know how well connected and lovely our social lives are!!!




2 thoughts on “Parallel Worlds

  1. Wonderful concept! I agree that we are aliens, disconnected in so many ways. I’ve heard the same concept been called “zombies” or literally “the walking dead”. No one is willing to look past their smart phones anymore to the people that really need help.

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