Somewhere Something Incredible!


Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known – Carl Sagan

While the idea of this quote if any of you have read it before is in total contrast to what I am going to write here. However, this is the very quote that inspired me to write it. Incredible lives within you.

There is already too much out there as far as motivational talk is concerned. And yeah pretty much success stories too! But all that from people who have reached a certain point in their lives, who have traveled the journey. Is that what we really need? I mean for inspiration why not have a companion traveler be a guide?

To me, decision to change is the biggest of all. ‘I am the captain of my ship, I am the master of my soul’..putting that to practice was the most liberating thing thus far for me. Choosing which path to take can be very difficult at times, but the trick to is to go for the harder one. Yes its going to cause a havoc maybe, but in the end it will be rewarding with the satisfaction that ” You made a decision, you took some action and you learned something new”.

I found incredible the day I decided to no longer be slave of compulsions, liabilities and others opinions. I decided not to let my thinking be clouded by what I ought to be doing, but rather what I wish to be doing.

Dullness of routine doesn’t take much time to show up on our faces, our moods and our decisions. When I look around I see dead people walking, their souls torn by actions they were compelled to take, choices they were forced to make. Don’t let yourself dry out guys. Get a control of your life and go in search of the incredible in you. I’ll be writing more as I experience the incarnation of incredible in me.


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