img_8609Be foolishly in love, because love is all there is- Rumi

Getting a grip over the situation was easy and swift, however convincing my heart over it was the difficult part. Obsession is a cruel thing you see. It perpetuates a war between mind and heart. Figuring out the indifference and consistent turn-offs by you somehow never appealed to my heart the way it should’ve.

Age and experience teaches you many things, but love is not one of them. Love literally makes you blind. Although it casts a beautiful spell over your days and nights, however in a mysterious way it takes away alot more then it provides.

Words roll over my tongue which might not favor my situation and the adrenaline in my blood might make me act foolish too. But when you’re gone, when the heart doesn’t pound so hard, millions of thoughts burst my mind of how I should’ve reacted.

I might have won your love and affection, but maybe the circumstances didn’t allow for that to happen. Each encounter raged a fire of obsession which was like a vicious cycle pulling me down the drain hole. I have learned through hard way that realization and acceptance are two different things.

Although I still struggle to convince myself that the only true love I felt was not to be mine (yet), but the fact remains that love cannot be borrowed, stolen or bargained for. Love just happens. It happened to me but maybe at a wrong time. And time only can bring solace to my grieving soul. Never think of me as a fool, for all I ever did was to win your heart.

Also do not get carried away by all this, because just as beauty, love is in the heart of beholder. Nothing makes a person special untill love touches it. Coal turns into diamond when the earth gives it a warm tight hug. Love is scarce and that is what makes it invaluable. Not everyone is lucky enough to have it and not every lucky one is still luckier to posess it. One must appreciate while love is still there.

Loving someone is nothing, being loved by someone is something. And loving someone who loves you is everything… just remember that.

Love will not happen now

It will happen in a while from now

After these moments become memories

Love will happen for the sake of these memories

Love will not happen now

It will happen in a while from now!


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