Night Sky 

Surrounded by all the negativity of failures and losses, and clouds of fear overcasting the morning of a long weekend. Was it going to be a dreadful holiday? I guess not, when I decided to direct all the forces of terrible storm within me to make something productive!

Paint on a canvas was what my heart told me. I had never before done that in my life so how could I now? Well, there is a first time for everything, and so I went on with the idea. The only help I got from google was to find something I could paint. As I have always been inspired by the sky, stars and the cosmos, so my search phrase was ‘ sky painting ‘. Vincent Van Gogh’s starry sky from 1984 was at top of result and so was it going to be. Imitation painting was do be done for an inspirational weekend.

Without a clue of how painting is done, I went to a local store to shop for painting. A canvas, some brushes of different sizes, oil paint tubes, linseed oil and a varnish bottle is that I bought. This all costed me PKR 2300/- only. Funny thing is that the shop guy thought of me as a professional painter.

Well, I started by making a base of different shades of blue mixed with black. To even out the spread I used few drops of linseed oil. It made the job quiet easy with additional benifit of economy in colour uasge. The only drawback was a longer drying time. As I painted I learnt that the paint had to be done in layers, and the next layer could only be done after the first one had completely dried out. There are many ways to do that starting from wait out under a fan to blow drying to letting it soak some sun. I used the sun method. 

The first layer of blue was to be followed by many more. And from thick pure paint to dilutted by oil. Learning to make new colours by mixing the prime ones was another great experience. It not only saved me money but taught me a thing or two.

The unique thing that I learned by mimicking Van Gogh’s work was the use of thick paint stokes in making a larger picture. He used those strokes as a computer uses pixles these days.

All in all it was a great experience, a relief from routine life and a sense of achievement that I could proudly show off! 

I named the post as Night sky because of two reasons. First, one is obviously the painting itself, and second one is because night is many thing at the same time. It brings horror, mystery, shame, love and dreams. Its upon the wanderer to decide the role it is going to take. I took the brighter part, which one will you take?


4 thoughts on “Night Sky 

  1. I am so glad that you chose such an interesting and productive way to spend your weekend rather than binge-watching in front of the idiot box as many would prefer to do. It definitely seems to have been a wonderful and fun experience. And I would personally recommend you to paint more frequently because that indeed is one very fine painting you have managed for someone who is an amateur…

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