(Because someone said they were looking forward to it)

Father, what should I call you?  protector, guardian, angel?  Who is the first love of any daughter but you?  You are the one that every single man has looked up as their hero. Every general, every soldier, every conqueror and every defeated had learned their first steps from you. You are an umbrella standing firm over my head in rain, you are the cool shade in the scorching sun. I asked the heavens what would the world have been without THEM, answer came NOTHING!!!

Fathers are reflection of Gods abilities, they are the ambassadors of the message which says ” do not worry, for I am with every step you take and every move you make”.

You are the one who woke up at middle of night to shush my cries and lullaby me to sleep, but you never complained. You stopped dreaming about that fancy watch you wanted so bad, just so you could buy me a new pram, but you never complained. You made me sit on your tired shoulders and walked for miles, just so that mom could take a bit of rest, but you never complained. You saw that doctor needle my flesh with that injection, and I saw your eyes turn red but not a drop of tear fell out and yet, you never complained. When you dropped me off at school for first time and mom was crying so bad, I know you wanted to hug me and cry too, but hey, you never complained. I failed you with a poor result in class, come on I at-least expected a complain if not a little scolding, but all you said was ‘ next time son, I know you’ll make me proud ‘. But not a complain??  What are you fathers made of? Do you ever complain? Is that word even in dictionary of yours that you keep marking for me to learn a new day every day?  Are you a machine dad? I seriously think you are but with a giant heart inside it that beats with every breath I take.

When everything falls apart, even when mom starts to show panic, I secretly look at you. And what I see is a mountain, rock hard, steel cold and yet a one which is warm from inside with magma, a magma kept molten with love. You just won’t panic. And how could you, you are the symbol of strength, courage and power. You are the linch-pin that holds us together.

I have grown up dad, I think I might be an inch taller then you too. I know I have started raising my voice at you, and squabble about silly things too. I am mature and understand I hurt you, but why don’t you complain? WHY? Mom told me I made you cry when I left the table like that. Why didn’t you hold my ear and twisted hard? WHY? I screamed at you for that stupid play-station I wanted, all you did was look into your wallet and told mom we will get him!! That’s it? no complains?

Dad sometimes I need you to complain, sometimes I act stupid so that you complain. I need you to complain so I can cry over your shoulder and say sorry. Sorry to man who only gave me and never asked for anything in return. To the man who became my strength when everyone saw me failing.  To man who I found to be a master, a guardian and a true friend.

Dad, my little one got needled at the doctor’s today, God it was so painful to see, I wanted to cry dad….but your thought made my tears stop!!! Dad, did you think of your dad every time you wanted to cry? Now I know that every fathers strength comes from their father. Thank you dad, you made me a FATHER!



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