This is my first ever attempt to write something, hence very exciting too. Few people are the reason for this. They  played their roles, knowingly or unknowingly, positive or negative, criticizing or supporting, but they all are the reason I have decided to extend the wanderings of my restive mind to who ever embraces it.

Many hearts, young or old, who are alive have a very strong energy which only needs to be directed in order to have a meaning. All the brilliance created in world was only by beings who had  restive souls and and a restless mind. Something was created only when the heart and mind were set free from the shackles of monotonous education which brings up only the machines, not the thinking minds. And by education I mean what is delivered to young minds by their predecessors. The education of religion, sociology, behavior and meaning of life.

But only the hearts who remained pure from any pollution, or those who were able to heal themselves when awakened by a higher consciousness, were those who changed the world.  Question is, why not listen to those who have are more experienced and who have witnessed far more? Well, somethings are so important that you have to learn them on your own! So set forth and read along as I ( in real time ) go through the journey of reincarnating that what I have already been taught.

P.S   Please do not be very critical or political. One can always disagree as what I state, i do not claim it to be the absolute truth, but only the story of how I look at the world and how it has come to be.


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