Question Religion?

Who are we? Who created us? Why are we here and what is the purpose of life? who controls the world? who controls us?  These are very hard yet critical questions. You see the world has since long quarreled over who is right and who is wrong when it comes to religion. Many wars have been fought and countless souls have perished in pursuit of fulfillment of gods desire and achieving glory in his name. But as humans has it left us lesser tolerant and more wild. Can it be because of our wrong interpretation of Divine message? Or our wrong beliefs?

Warning: Before moving any further, make sure to unlock your mind and read it trough without any prejudice. One can always differ in opinion but only questions lead to answers. Don’t be afraid to ask them, because the world needs many things answered. We, no matter what religion or belief we belong to, have only seen one side of the coin. The side that has been told to us over and over by our elders. How many have ever attempted to see the other side? How about finding out whats on other side and then make YOUR OWN DECISION. After all what is the harm in listening to what the critics have to say? Asking question is a noble thing after all. All the great people ask questions, even the Messengers of God asked him questions! And also don’t come to any conclusion about this blog yet, you never know how it might turn out, maybe it surprises you in the end, maybe it brings you even closer to your beliefs!

There is no doubt about existence of God. Because, just look around, evidence is everywhere! The world hangs in a balance, the heavens hang in a balance. Just look at a mango, its colors and that amazing taste, what it originates from? tasteless soil and colorless water?  HOW???

All the leading religions of world teach us about god, how he created world and that this all is a test, ultimately we all will be tested. Sinister will have punishment, Nobles will have reward. Jannah, Heaven, Jahanam, Narag, Hell etc etc. Many different names of the same things. But who is a sinister and who is a noble?  Can a noble of one religion be sinister of the other? Why the omnipotent needs humans to establish his will on earth?

                                                                        Or                                                                                                  is it human intuition that tells us that there has to be a higher meaning of our lives? That someone is always looking at our deeds which will ultimately be tested? That the life cannot be this short and we will live on in a different world after we die? Is it our fear of unknown and our obsession for mystery, our love for life and need for logic to exist?

Since inception human beings have looked for some higher power. Early beings saw power in snakes so they worshiped them, some saw power in fire hence worshiped it, and their gods kept evolving from whatever they perceived to be a higher power. We feared what ever we could not understand. We started making stories trying to make a logic of natural occurring and concluded few of them to be wrath of god. Storms, thunders, tornadoes, earthquakes, plague etc etc have in most of human history taken as punishment from god/gods for disobedience. Think about coming across a locked door where you have never been to, and you meet somebody who claims to have been there. Now however that person will describe whats inside that room, you ought to believe it, only until you open the lock and see for yourself!

Recent boom in technology has done the same for us, it has opened many locks that were closed to our ancestors.  Now we have an explanation for these occurrences, we can explain them, we can forecast them and we can protect ourselves from them. Where does it leave us? How am I supposed to take any of these as punishments???  Don’t the storms come over the forests where there are no humans? doesn’t the earthquakes irrespective  of  locations?  Don’t we already have mapped the fault lines of our earth where earthquakes can occur? Why think that everything in this world is about Us? Think about all this without a bias or prejudice !

Until very recently the world believed in idea of a geocentric universe. That everything, all the stars, galaxies, sun and moon revolved around our earth. Because, obviously we believe that its all about Us. Now you see this lock got opened and we found out we were wrong the whole time, bamm! We are just a tiny miny part of a gigantic universe. How can we say now THAT ITS ALL ABOUT US?

Someone once told me that religion, unlike wealth cannot be inherited. Its is accomplished with devotion and struggle. I tend to disagree, I believe in quite the opposite. We are as someone said ‘ Proud by Chance ‘. Like our family name, cast and ethnicity, religion is granted to us as soon as we are born. And we remain proud of it throughout our lives. We are born Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. We are taught over and over whats good and whats bad until it is deeply engraved on our heart and mind. Nostalgia is a very strong emotion you see. It links us to our past, and whats engraved in our memories will always have a strong connection to our present and future.

How about taking the journey on your own, its a spiritual journey which might be more noble then you think. Can you question everything you already know? (to be continued)


3 thoughts on “Question Religion?

  1. I really liked the deeper message you are attempting to get at here. Kudos! Keep up with the good thoughts and yes, as you yourself have pointed out in your writings, unleash the power of your mind because it shall tread and seek in places we dare not even see. In that realm, we shall find all that we are looking for…

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