What is it with Marriage?

If men are from Mars, women are from Venus! It is so amazing that two beings of same specie, just with different sexual organs can have so opposite characteristics. I mean since day one, humans have failed to understand how to perfectly blend men and women. Countless literature has been written and unfathomable debates over what women really want, even the movie by Mel Gibson. And how about someone even asks, what men want?

Well, lets put it straight, Men want beauty, women want money! I am not being sexist or anything, just putting the fact straight. I mean everyone knows this already, why not say it out loud. Its law of nature, nothing men or women can help with, and it somehow works out for the two parties as well. And yeah, I will not be biased, just my candid opinion folks.

When you are young and free, this issue is hardly of any importance. But the real game starts with the MARRIAGE, yes, in bold and capital! When the two opposites are joined together. The thing with the magnets is, their opposites attract each other, and that’s pretty much the case with humans too, but only until marriage. I am not saying its the end of joy, colors of life or life itself, but those who are members of married club would understand. Now although I am a guy, but I will try to put the story from perspective of both parties. (to be continued)


4 thoughts on “What is it with Marriage?

  1. I welcome your opinion as this is your blog, but from someone who isn’t even a feminist, this is still pretty unfairly generalized. I don’t a hoot about money and have never looked at man in terms of money. My feedback on this would to be more optimistic about the kinds of people that are out there, it is not black and white, it is not about just beauty and money. Putting things in a box like that will only attract negative attention. Happy blogging! 🙂

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  2. I thank you for the honest and fair opinion. But you do understand that life is only what we experience it to be and experience defines our perspective of looking at it. In generality of matter what I have written is true, but ofcourse it is not very optimistic or easy to accept. My blog is far from being complete, hence i’ll try to take it to a brighter end 🙂


  3. Hello Talal,

    I think your writing is good, but I have to be honest not all women are with men cause of money and not all men are with women cause of beauty. I just have to be very honest… But great writing!

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